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To All SagDD users!

We have updated our server today!

Now unlocking LoCosto based Sagem phones is free (not take credits) for all SagDD users which have bought 25 credits (used or not used)!

List of LoCosto based Sagem phones:

- My100X ( New PCB )

- My200C, My202C,

- My210X,

- My212X, My214X

- My215X,

- My300C ,

- My312X

- My401C, My401Ci

- My411X, My411Xi, My411V,

- My411C, My411Ci, My411Cv

- My433v

- My511X, My511Xi,

- My521X,

- My421Z,

- My721X,

- VF526,

- VF527 , my332X,

- VF528,

- VF533,

- Kpn C1

- ..............

Flashing LoCosto based Sagem phones take 1 credit!

Unlocking Sec. Calypso+ phones take 1 credit (My X6-2; My-V76; My-E77;

My 300X; My Phone; My 301X; My 302X; My 300L; myPhone;My 400X; My 400V; My 400L; My401X; My 401V; My 401L; TCM 303 (Tchibo);SG 346i; VS4; VS5; myC5-3; .......)

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