J.a.u v3.0.7 update ready!

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NEW J.A.U - Update Ready (for Emporia Activation):



WHATS NEW? (V3.0.7):

.) ADDED Emporia V29i (J#51) new firmware to supported list! (World First)

.) Improved Unlock process for Old Flashchip Emporia Phones.

.) Improved Unlock process for New Flashchip Emporia Phones.

.) Now its made more simple, its now basicaly just select model and

for some Phones you have to select new or old flashchip, no more

selecting for many different Versions needed!

.) Added SPECIAL EMPORIA UNLOCK feature for old and new once!

With this new feature you can unlock till now any supported Emporia model,

no matter which Provider it is locked, you can set this with the new

feature and with this you can unlock 100% all phones without to need

wait for a new update!

.) Changed V170 Flash unlock to direct Unlock, now all Emporia models are

direct unlock if you select it from list, flash unlock is still possible

with the Emporia Flasher and Flashfiles from support.

.) It is now very simple to Unlock any of supported Emporia Phone, if you

still have a problem, post in forum or send email to me.




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