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Ary Braga

i-GSM Chat - SAT Tool Update 1.2.6

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i-GSM Chat - SAT Tool Update 1.2.6

i-GSM Chat - Updated features

SAT Tool Update 1.2.6 • Posted by PolarTeam on Oct 18 2009 •

Hi to all,

This is the latest Update for PolarBox2 customers :


Polar_SAT Update - Build 1.2.6


Posted Image

Posted Image

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Posted Image

Renamed now server to "i-GSM Chat"

Execute PolarSAT and press button (you not need use any external software)

NEW FEATURES added !!!

- Added CREATE channel options (now you can create your own channels and manage it)

- Added PRIVATE MESSAGE (now you can open QUERYS and talk only with one user, if you desire)

- Added USER INFO option (you can check info about one user, and see in what channels he is inside)

- Added MANAGEMENT options :

You can OP-DEOP users (+o/-o option)

You can VOICE-UNVOICE users (+v/-v option)

You can KICK users

You can BAN/UNBAN users

This options will be enabled only for channel admins (Opers)


Sound on channel talking

Sound on my-nick detection

Sound on private messaging

JOIN NOW to this community

Why I must use i-GSM Chat ?? What offer me ??

Why not ?? i-GSM Chat is a new FREE community, for all users.

Sometimes forums are slow, and you need quick help-response from all your everyday problems.

Enter here, and share all with online users, help others and others will help you when u will need it.

More options will be added for improve this community step by step, be tunned and download updates.

i-GSM Chat is not only for Polar-Users, you can enter and join to all channels (even create own) for talk with

all kind of ppl around the world.

This service is ONLY for polarbox users ?? or I can talk about other box-solutions or problems ??

Totally NOT, this is not restringed to POLAR users, you can enter and talk about all you desire.

This is a non-managed community, this means you can join us and share all your problems and

experiences in gsm work.

Can I offer-sell products in this community ??

Yes, you can make all kind of advertisements or marketing about your products.

Even, you can create own channels for give help-support if you have any gsm project in hands

Channels for testing available :

Official Channels (support)




By languages
















etc ...

Thanks in advance for your attention.

With best regards,

[ PB2 Team ]

[ ]

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