CPF BOX2 and CPR PRO NEW update 2011.08.06

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Entre com sua Conta ou Cadastre-se para ver links no forum.

Entre com sua Conta ou Cadastre-se para ver links no forum.

MTK platform update V3.58

MTK expanded platform update 3.58

Added MTK6250/52 read/write/format (pls set new boot V3.1108)

Added MTK6268 read phone lock,repair IMEI,decrypted bar code

Added new boot V3.1108

Improved flash ic model show

clear media flash

Improved NAND flash write

Spreadtrum platform update V4.29

Improved detect pinouts

Some new flash IC supported for 6600L CPU

Some new flash ic supported for 8800H CPU

Improved NAND flash unlock

MSTAR platform update V3.35

Improved read/write and find phone lock

Improved NAND read/write

Added repair IMEI

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