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[30 JULY 2011]

Description :

  • ORT Plus V1.59
  • ORT Plus V1.60

What's New in ORT Plus ?

  • Model Selection is been added [ORT Plus V1.59]

    • This will improve customizing the product based on the phone selection
    • Special HALT Types and Special instructions can be implemented for the special models
    • If the model you want to operate is not in the list , you can select Auto Brand / Auto Model
  • QSC 6055 New type of CPU Support added [ORT Plus V1.59]
  • Samsung NOR Flash [0x227E0001] Sub Flash ID [0x22002231][ORT Plus V1.59]
  • RE-SCAN Feature is added for ARM926ejs without closing the software [ORT Plus V1.59]
  • Add 256M Small block toshiba nand flash [0x00007198] [ORT Plus V1.59]
  • Sony Ericsson X10 Halting method is been improved for SE X10 with erased block 0 { Dead Boot } [ORT Plus V1.59]
  • Display EmbeddedICE version.(TDI is not connected correctly when version is 15) [ORT Plus V1.60]
  • ST 16M nor flash [0x082E0020] [ORT Plus V1.60]
  • Motorola ME 600 / ME300 Handling in model list [ORT Plus V1.60]
  • LG GW620 Special Handling in model list [ORT Plus V1.60]
  • Samsung S5830 Support / Halting improved [ORT Plus V1.60]
  • Bad Block Handling is implemented in repair files[ORT Plus V1.60]

    • TODO :
    • Old Repair Files without Bad Block Handling will be improved with bad block handling feature

Full Flashes Uploaded :

Discussion :

ORT Team News and Blog :

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