ST92 new microcontrollers were added to PRO

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Again new microcontrollers were added to PRO application :)

This time, we are happy to support:

- ST92F120JV1, ST92F120JV9

- ST92F120V1, ST92F120V9

- ST92F124R9, ST92F124V1

- ST92F150CR1, ST92F150CR9

- ST92F150CV1, ST92F150CV9

- ST92F150JDV1

- ST92F250CV2

Possible operatons:

- Read, Erase, Write & Verify

Possible areas to work:

- full (flash, eeprom, OTP)

- flash (so called firmware)

- eeprom

- OTP area (read only, due of security reasons)

Direct connections from Port2 to target board, connection schematic is build in tool.

HC(7)05, HC(7)11 were added into rcdpro.exe too !

Every pinout is displayed on Clip LCD, did you saw it?

We are waiting for working feedbacks, tool will be optimalized for users demands.

Get autoupdate - run rcdpro.exe or download and use installer:

Best Regards

Martech Team

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