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Rcd Tools - Renault & Citroen SN calcs

Latest Update :

- Citroen ver1 by Blaupunkt - general calculator

- Citroen ver2 by Blaupunkt - general calculator

- Citroen ver3 by Blaupunkt - general calculator

- Renault by Blaupunkt - general calculator

and few radios:

- Chorus M4, 7 648 245 380, 4B0 035 152B, AUZ1Z2, hc705b32 by Blaupunkt

- Honda, 2TC0 MF721A0, 39101-S5P-A510-M1, 24c04 by Alpine

- Mercedes-Benz, AL2197, A 170 820 00 86, 24c02 by Alpine

- Skoda, Stream CD MP3, 1Z0 035 161C, SKZ7Z2J, hc9s12 by Visteon

- Skoda, Stream CD MP3, 5J0 035 161, SK7Z2I, hc9s12 by Visteon

- VW, Beta 4, 9.18254-83, 1HO 035 152, VWZ2Z2, hc11e9 by Grundig

- VW, Premium 5, 1J0 035 180B, VWZ4Z7, 24c04 by Delco

- VW, Premium 5, 1JM 035 157A, VWZ4Z7, 24c04 by Delco

Get autoupdate - run rcd2.exe or download and use installer:

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Best Regards

Martech Team

Entre com sua Conta ou Cadastre-se para ver links no forum.

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