Easy Unlocker Box Update 07/09/09

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Easy Unlocker LG 3G UPDATE

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LG module : LG 3G Easy Unlocker (v2.17b).

*Added support for LG CU575

*Added support for LG TU330

- All versions supported using AUTO-ANALYZING mode

-This version inclued function for make NAND dump if you find some problematic phone.

New sw modules available for download :

*Easy Unlocker Alcatel online (v1.2).exe

*EasyUnlocker license downloader (v1.3).exe

*EasyUnlocker reseller client (1.2).exe

VERY IMPORTANT: Server will not work anymore with older version of programs. So please use always latest versions available.

Day is not fishined ...

"Making unlock easy"

Easy Unlocker Box Team ©2009

- aErOm -

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