Polar Box 2 : update v2.2.2 : HOT AGAIN : SAMSUNG NEW 2009 Security Added

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Hi to all,

This is the latest Update for PolarBox2 customers :


PolarSuite Update - Version 2.2.2



Added support for new MSL2 2009 Firmware (new secured) !!!

Fastest way for unlock this phones in the market !!!

This new protection is added to the LICENSE1 (LG3G License)

This means now license is for Samsung3G and LG3G (all licenses already activated have totally FREE)

If you not have this license activated you can unlock using 20 credits (ask local resellers for credits)

* Samsung M7600

* Samsung S5600

* Samsung S5600v

* Samsung S8300

* Samsung S8300v

- Direct Unlock (Read Codes)

- No need flashing !! No need downgrading !! (totally SAFE process)

- This process require server connection (process in BETA for testing)

- All FW versions supported

Little instructions

- You must connect phone using Qualcomm Mode (polar show you secuence)

- Activate this option for enable new plataform process "New Security (credits)"

IMPORTANT : This process is easy can unlock more future samsung models

IMPORTANT : If you detect any model, please inform us for add to support :-)

IMPORTANT : Thanks to Zuul for testings and support :-)

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* Samsung E1150T

* Samsung E2210B

* Samsung J700V

- Added support for this phones

- Direct Unlock or Read Codes

- Fixed bug in E250 E250v (buttons hidden)


* LG GB125

- Unlock (Read Codes)

- Repair Eeprom

- Rebuild

- Read functions (Fullflash, Firmware, CalData and Eeprom)

- Write functions (Fullflash, Firmware, CalData and Eeprom)

- Working with baudrate up to 921.600 Bds

Thanks for all people who send flashfiles and phones, we will continue adding more and more

If you desire cooperate, send directly to support@polarbox2.net

Thanks in advance for your attention.

With best regards,

[ PB2 Team ]

[ http://www.polarbox2.net/ ]

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