10.04.2011, SagemEG_V19.4 released!

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10.04.2011, SagemEG_V19.4 released!

What`s new?

- fixed bug wich appears during unlocking;

-HUAWEI G2201CV100R001PAKC96B102SEC;

-HUAWEI G2200CV100R001ZWEC50B102SEC;

- added support for new FW`s:


- A302, ER-GE-BEELINE-P108A28(S)V1.0.0B03;

- S305, EF-BI-ECONET-P108A28(S)V1.0.0B03;

- S308, E-UG-ESSAR-P108A30FM(S)V1.0.0B02;


- Haier_M150_Apr_13_2010_04.19.00:18.26.18:08.09.00: ULC2GL;

- added Server based NCK calculating for another two HUAWEI phones

Here is list of phones added in NCK server:

- -HUAWEI_G1157_REL_P1.2MB01V02.05; - new

- -HUAWEI_G1158_REL_P1.2TB04V02.02;- new

- -HUAWEI_G1101 - all FW`s;

- -HUAWEI_G1158_REL_P1.2TB04V02.01;

- -HUAWEI_G2158_ REL_P1.1EN01V01.03.

After Do the Job you will get message - Phone in NCK queue.


[03/29/11 19:56:59] Elapsed Time: 00:00:01

[03/29/11 19:56:59] Phone in NCK queue!

[03/29/11 19:56:58]

[03/29/11 19:56:58] IMEI: 3536230425xxxx0

[03/29/11 19:56:58] Firmware: :ULC2GL;G1101MATE3.P48.I24.36.00

[03/29/11 19:56:58]

Post here your log.

We will calculate NCK code for you.

(50 free NCK codes, 2 codes for one user)

SagDD support continues!

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Rocker dongle support

Good luck! :)

SagDD Team

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