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GSM international news

Fenix Key v1.0.6 and SLAP v2.0 (Fast LBF and supported ATI HD 6xxx)

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Fenix Key v1.0.6 and SLAP v2.0 released.



Fenix Key introduces new, FREE and SUPER FAST SL3 Brute Force unlocking method. 25% faster than ighashgpu and works with ATI 6xxx series.

What's new?

- SL3 calculation speed is 25% faster than ighashgpu.

- Standalone unlock code calculator for all SL3 phones using hash & bf result.

- SLAP works also with the newest ATI GPU cards (6xxx series).

- Pause\Resume of calculation process supported.

- You do not need i7 processor to get 2x HD5970 to work anymore. SLAP v2.0 works perfectly on 50EUR 2 - core cheap processor.

- Very low CPU usage (2 - 5%)

- Calculation is more stable now.

- You can import and export LOG files.

- You can queue as many phones as you need. After current calculation is finished SLAP will start calculating next phone in queue. Add phones to the queue and forget, all of them will be calculated automatically.

- Reading SL3 LOG file from phone.

Maximum calculation time on tested hardware:

- Single HD5970 (default 725MHz): 4d 20m (average ~2d 10m)

- Double HD5970 (default 725MHz): 2d 10m (average ~1d 5m)

- Single HD6870 (default 880MHz): 7d 13m (average ~3d 7m)

- Double HD6870 (default 880MHz): 3d 6h (avarage ~1d 15h)

- Single HD6990 (default 880MHz): 3d 6h (average ~1d 15h)

- Double HD6990 (default 880MHz): 1d 15h (average ~20h)

How to unlock?

If you already have a *.log file run SLAP from Fenix Key Smart Start and click resume button (>>). SLAP will ask you to select *.log file from disk. You can also go to Phones database tab and add phone to the queue. You can add as many phones as you want. Click resume button (>> ) to start processing the queue. As soon as the code is calculated you will receive a message in tray icon (next to system clock). You can find your code in Phones database tab. If you want to copy unlocking code right click on calculated phone and choose 'copy unlocking code'. If you do not have a .log file run Fenix Key Flasher and Unlocker from Fenix Key Smart Start, go to SimLocks tab and click Read LOG button. If you want to unlock using old method just click SL3 unlock button.

Notice: Nvidia GPU cards are not supported. There is no point in supporting these cards because calculating codes on them is vaste of energy and time. However, you can still use old SLAP v1.0 to calculate code on Nvidia cards.

Notice: This is a beta version of SLAP v2.0. If you have any problems click 'Run old SLAP' tab to run SLAP v1.0 (with ighashgpu support)

Important #1: If you face any performance\stability problems with 2 or more ATI cards please download ATI beta drivers from: AMD Catalyst

Important #2: On some systems is suggested that you have MSI Afterburner opened all the time, which makes drivers flush, otherwise 7-8% of the performance is lost.

Update is free for all Fenix Key users. You will need Internet connection only to start the calculation.

5970 725 Mhz

5970 875 Mhz

How to update ?

Just open Fenix Key Smart Start software and click "Check for updates" button. All files will be updated automatically.

BTW: This is not stealed or copied but 100% our developement so we can easy update this and push speed a little up :) Just wait for more.


Fenix Key Official website: Fenix Key

Fenix Key Informations about updates: News

Fenix Key Official Forum: Fenix Key - GSM-Forum

Fenix Key Official Forum 2: Fenix Key - GSM24Forum

Official resellers list:

* Resellers



Fenix Team

Original Thread and discussion :


Clan GSM, the Best of Brazil Forum

GSM Hosting, the largest forum of the World

Union of the best and strongest.

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