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BB-Box v1.1.7 ( 7 Meps and HTCs) ] Apr 06 2011

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Hi to all,

This is the latest Update for bb-box customers :


BB-Box Update - Version v1.1.7


HTC PHONES ( Android and Windows platform ) :

* HTC Hero

* HTC Hero100

* HTC Hero130

* HTC Hero200

* HTC Hero A6265

* HTC Hero A6277

* HTC Hero A6288

* HTC Legend

* HTC Legend A6363

* HTC Legend A6365

* HTC Buzz

* HTC Wildfire

* HTC Wildfire A3335

* HTC Wildfire A3333

* Verizon HTC Hero

- Unlock (via ReadCodes)

- Process totally safe

- Fixed some info showed in screen

- Improved connection process and stability

- Added extra info in Android HTC booting (Platform, HwId, Bootloader and Baseband)

- Added some versions not supported, that gives error

- Fixed problem in OMAP read imei (before show 14 digits, now fixed)

- Working actually in flash, goldcard generator, factory unlock, etc ...

BlackBerry Phones :

* MEP-06041-011

* MEP-08209-004

* MEP-09292-006

* MEP-09292-008

* MEP-09625-002

* MEP-24667-003

* MEP-34723-001

- Added some HOT new MEPs for users !!

discussion thread :

Thanks in advance for your attention.

With best regards,

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