SmartMoto v4.17 Added direct unlock for the Alcatel MTK models based on CPU MT6235

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<div>Dear users,

Please let us introduce new version of

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With this release we present the following exclusive options:

  • Added direct unlock for the following Alcatel MTK models based on CPU MT6235:

    • OT-800 / VM800
    • OT-802
    • OT-806
    • OT-807
    • OT-808
    • OT-880
    • MissSixty MSX10
  • Released support for the Alcatel models based on CPU MT6235 with disabled unlock codes menu*

    • OT-880 (2FTGMX1 16f XR16PF11)
  • Developed IMEI repair solution for Alcatel OT-706
  • Released Restore backup option for the Alcatel and Motorola models based on CPU MT6235 with NAND flash memory type**
  • Implemented Save FFS to backup option. It allows to save full phone's file system (phone book, messages, user code etc) in the backup file
  • Improved work with NAND flash memory type. Bad blocks detection added
  • Resolved the issue with NAND flash memory type, 512Byte Page size
* In cases if unlock code request is blocked by service provider (handset doesn't ask / doesn't accept unlock codes).

** In order to restore backup file, the option

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