Martech RCD V1.5.9 27/08/09

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Martech RCD Service Tools V1.5.9.0

New models supported:

'Philips 22DC964 [24C16]'

'Philips 22DC983 [24C04]'

'Philips 22DC982 [24C04]'

'Philips 22DC379 [24C04]'

'Philips 90RC438 [24C04]'

'Philips 22DC349 [24C04]'

'Philips 90RC408 [24C04]'

'Philips 22DC229 [24C32]'

'Philips 22DC239 [24C32]'

'Philips 22DC259 [24C32]'

'Philips 22DC279 [24C32]'

'Philips 22RC465 [24C32]'

'Philips 22DC277 [24C32]'

'Philips 22RC260 [24C32]'

'Philips 22DC607 [24C04]'

'Philips 22DC449 [24C16]'

'Philips 22DC451 [24C16]'

'Philips 22DC461 [24C16]'

'Philips 22DC459 [24C16]'

'Philips 22DC479 [24C16]'

'Philips 22DC481 [24C16]'

'Philips 22DC594 [24C16]'

'Philips to Landrover [24C16]'

Remember ! You can use Martech Box II Plus / Clip as i2c programmer !

Unlocking car radio with Martech devices is simply and safely.

You don't need other programmers, additional tools and adapters!

With RCD you can :

- calculater Renault codes, disable lock in Opel CD XX radios, unlock

many various by serial number [sN] and much more by eeprom memory !

How to get this V1.5.9.0 ? It's simply - run rcd.exe and process of self update will begin.

New Product Martech Team ANALYZER

a detailed description is to be found in the manual

- In English:

- In Polish:

- IN China:

Be READY ! For next BIG updates :-)

Martech Team

Martech Shop:

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