05-Mar-11-Infinity Nokia BEST v1.17 Ready! Added More Features!

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BEST v1.17 Ready and Uploaded On Support Area!

Whats New In INFINITY BEST v1.17

* BB5 support improved

* - USB loader updated to latest (v11.4)

* - Service operations improved

* PA_SL30 Simlock Writing improved

* - (Tested on ALL current SL30 phones)

* Added "ССС/HWC Restore"

* - Restore CCC/HWC certificates in phone

* - Automatically or in Manual mode

* UFS flashing stability improved

* Added "Full Erase" option

* - Allow fully erase phone, if needed

* - Support FBUS/USB

* - USB - RAPU/RAPV4/BCM phones

* - Support CMT (Nor/Nand) only for Now

* - Easy and one button solution

* - No more needed Erase Files

* - No more problems with "not fully" erased phones

* Cam Check/Repair, Store Camconf activated via Fbus

* Added SD/SLD/SECUTIRY Fast check

* Added Manufacturing date edit

* Added FunLabel Editor option (S40, USB/FBUS)

* - Allow Edit FunLabel Data in internal editor

* - Write/Save labels

* DCT4 support improved

* - Service Improved operations with DCT4 phones

* - Added Camera Configuration Check/Repair, Store CamConf

* Other

* - Camera Configuration Package updated

* - (Many configs added for DCt4 and Latest BB5 phones)

* - CCC/HWC rpl collections added

* - PM(Tune SX4) base updated

* - Some bugfixes

* - Some improvements at all

* - Ini updated and corrected for some models

* - Some major cosmetic changes


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