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Resurrector ESM7XXX L41 D04 contains only DCC Loader, thus it is to be used only for operations on DCC Read/Write page in the JTAG Manager.

Embedded DCC Loader is designed to work inside of MCU's internal RAM memory, thus it is not sensitive to external SDRAM configuration or availability or its physical state.

Initial H/W init sequence will setup MCU's PLL0 with these parameters:

  • L/M/N = 0x41/0x00/0x01;
  • Global Clock Divisor = DIV4

If you don't know what the L, M, N or Global Clock Divisor parameters are, then just keep in mind:

  • Highest L values and lowest Global Clock Divisor values will make maximum clocking frequency supplied to the MCU's core and thus DCC Read/Write speed will be maximum fast;

  • Too high frequency supplied to the MCU's core may result in core overheating or instable operation;

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