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Commzero 3.501 New Update!!!

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*****************************Commzero Ver3.501 (2011-3-1)*****************************

New features:

1: [MTK] New IMEI rebuild added

2: [MTK] New direct unlock added

3: [MTK] Remove all restrictions for NV Editor

4: [MTK] Remove all restrictions for FAT

5: [MTK] Remove all restrictions for IntRAM. In NAND Mode, You can use it to fix some of the

problems after format with full flashfile of original backpu.

6: [MTK] Added new ExtractFile function to Nand flash.

7: [MTK] Added Compare Image to WriteFlash in IntRAM Boot

8All Chipsets] Support new NOR flash memories:




12SPD] Fixed connect timeout settings.

3: [sPD] Fixed program timeout settings in bootloader.

4: [sPD] Fixed illegal character in return code.

5: [All Bootloaders] Fixed bug caused DA to misjudge base address when erase sector

6: [MISC] Fixed a bug caused by reading firmware version in some countries' users.

7: [MStar] Fixed erase blocks fail before program.

http://image.ohozaa.com/i/c77/132554123046.png http://image.ohozaa.com/i/9bf/132554123120.png


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