PolarSuite Update - Version 2.5.7 is raedy check inside

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Hi to all,

This is the latest Update for PolarBox2 customers :


PolarSuite Update - Version 2.5.7


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ALCATEL PHONES ( Various platforms )

* Alcatel OT-355

* Alcatel OT-355D

- Unlock (Via flashing)

- Write function (Firmware/Language and Eeprom backup)

- Change Language (Via flashing)

- Repair function (Flashing)

- Reset Usercode (Format FFS)

- Working with baudrate up to 921.600 Bds

- Prepairing now flashfiles for unlock (via unlocked firmware)

* Alcatel OT-S211 New (variant detected)

- Same procedures than OT-211 (but only with new boot)

- For unlock, please follow instructions in polar screen

* Alcatel C65

- Direct unlock function

- Repair unlock (killed by other tools)

- Repair certificate

- Relock function

- Read/write function (Fullflash, language, firmware and eeprom)

- Imei rebuild

- Working with baudrate up to 812500

SAMSUNG PHONES ( Different platforms )

* Samsung i5800 (Android)

* Samsung i5801 (Android)

- Direct Unlock

- Reset Phonelock (android lock sequence)

* Samsung S3110

* Samsung S3310

- Direct Unlock (for testing purposes)

- Needed reports from users

* Samsung B5310

* Samsung S5620

- Added Read Simcard Code (not usercode, already added)

- Improved boot function in both processes

- Fixed loader problem in B5310 (not allow to boot devices)

* Samsung E1150i

* Samsung S720i

* Samsung T139

- Added support for this models (unlock)


* LG GB126

* LG KM380c

* LG KM380d

* LG KM380t

* LG KM385d

* LG KM386c

* Huawei T211

- Added support for this phones (different functions)


- Fixed some variant in Alcatel firmwares OT802 / OT808 (now supported)

- Fixed problems in booting some LGs (KM900, KP50x, KP580, etc ...)

- Fixed cable description (LG A133)

- Fixed problem in server for registrations (new boxes)

- Minor bugs fixed

Thanks in advance for your attention.

With best regards,

[ Polar Team ]

[ Http://www.polarbox2.net ]

[ Http://www.nano-box.eu ]

[ Http://www.bb-box.net ]

[ Http://www.polarteam.net ]

[ Http://www.auto-polar.com ]

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