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Firmware 1.18


- PXA270 debug is now available in ARM/Thumb modes (use the GDBServer for this);

JTAG Manager 1.24


- In case when Resurrector has no DCC Loader the JTAG Manager will now report it correctly and will not allow DCC Read/Write features

- (SDK): more functions are now available (exported) for future Resurrector DLLs;

- Usefull Plugins Enabled


Qualcom FullFlash Image Processing Tool:

This plugin works with NAND image files which have generic Qualcomm layout

With help of this plugin you can do:

- Disassemble a full NAND image file previously obtained with JTAG Manager (DCC Read/Write Page);

- Inspect each partition contents (main zone and spare zone) simultaneously;

- Save separate partitions to HDD (only main zone, only spare zone, or both zones);

- Write a chosen partition directly into phone;

- Read a chosen partition directly from the phone and substitute old partition contents to new ones;

Please note, direct read/write operations from/to the phone will require proper resurrector to be set (Resurrector Settings: thus before clicking the Activate Plugin button make sure compatible model is selected as well as other settings like TCK/RTCK frequencies).

You can access it from "Usefull Plugins" TAB.

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