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SmartMoto v4.09, S-Card v3.06 World Exclusive!Activation of unlock code request menu.

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Dear users,

Please let us introduce new version of SmartMoto v4.09 and S-Card v3.06

With this release we are glad to introduce following options:

  • World's first! Support of the following Alcatel models with disabled unlock code menu*:

    • OT-103 (2ARGTE5-17H XM17CB40; 2ATLMX3-175 XM17NH40)
    • OT-203 (2BRGTE5-365 XM36CC20; 2BRGTE5-37B XM37CC30)
    • OT-208 (2ARGUG1-765 XM76CE21)
    • OT-216 (2ERGMG2-462 XP46CB01)
    • OT-303 (2ARGTE2-169 XI16CF00; 2BMSUA1-16G XI16CS13)
    • OT-305 (2DCFMK1-16C XP16CU11)
    • OT-508 (2BTGMX1-365 XP36NE12)
    • OT-708 (2ATGMX1-16G XN16NB25; 2ATLMX1-16G XN16NE21)
  • Read unlock codes, Format FFS, Flash, Backup/Restore options for the following Alcatel models:

    • OT-216
    • OT-380
    • OT-505
    • OT-508
    • OT-708 (beta test)
  • World Exclusive! Implemented autodetect function for the cell phones with disabled unlock code menu*, activation of unlock code request for all supported MTK-based phone models.
  • Interface improvements. Active unlock codes are now marked black, inactive are marked grey. Cell phone doesn't ask inactive unlock codes.
* In cases if unlock code request is blocked by service provider (handset doesn't ask / doesn't accept unlock codes).

Smart-Clip ON!

Best Regards

GSMServer team

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