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PolarBox Suite Update 2.5.3 Ready : HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011 TO ALL

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Hi to all,

This is the latest Update for PolarBox2 customers :

Direct Link (Update) :


PolarSuite Update - Version 2.5.3

PandaSuite Update - Version 1.2.8



* Alcatel OT-104

* Alcatel OT-109

* Alcatel OT-223

* Alcatel OT-255D

* Alcatel OT-710

* Alcatel OT-710D

* Alcatel OT-i606

* Alcatel OT-i802

* Alcatel OT-i880

* Alcatel OT-TEST

- Write function (Firmware/Language and Eeprom backup)

- Change Language (Via flashing)

- Repair function (Flashing)

- Reset Usercode (Flashing or Formating FFS)

- Working with baudrate up to 921.600 Bds

- Prepairing now flashfiles for unlock (via unlocked firmware)

* Alcatel OT-303

* Alcatel OT-360

* Alcatel OT-363

* Alcatel OT-383

- Added Read Codes function (NCK and SPCK)

- No more fullflash phone for unlock procedure


* Alcatel S220L

* Alcatel X225L

* Alcatel X225S

* Alcatel X228L

- Added Calculation Codes function (2 codes or 6 codes, depends of model selected)

- This service is totally free (not take credits)

SAMSUNG PHONES (Various platforms)

* Samsung E1170

* Samsung E2121

* Samsung E2121L

* Samsung S5233T

- Added support for this models

- Direct Unlock or Read Codes

OTHER PHONES (Various platforms)

* T-Mobile Vibe E200

* TMN Soft Stone

* Orange Lisbon

* ZTE X670

- Unlock (via imei calculation)

- This process not need internet (NCK and SPCK)

* Blackberry 7220

* Blackberry 8230

* Blackberry 8707h

* Blackberry 8850

* Blackberry 8930

* Blackberry 9530T

* Blackberry 9670

* Blackberry 9780

* Blackberry 9800

* Blackberry Curve 3G

* Blackberry Pearl 3G

- Added this models to supported list

* Huawei E612

* Huawei E618

- Added direct Unlock


- Modified and improved more internal things

- Fixed Samsung M300 readcodes process (for testing)

- Modified some cable descriptions in software

- Improved communication with Samsung S5620 and B5310 (for testing)

- Solved some problems in Vodafone 540/543 and Alcatel OT543 (not allow flashing)

- IMPORTANT : added Alcatel Modems as free (now not uses credits) !!!

- IMPORTANT : added TMN Bluebelt and family as free (now not uses credits) !!!

- Due this special days, we will upload firmwares for alcatel in the next days, so be patient ...

Thanks in advance for your attention.

With best regards,

[ Polar Team ]

[ Http:// ]

[ Http:// ]

[ Http:// ]

[ Http:// ]

[ Http:// ]



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