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Easy unlocker 31-12-2010 update: Extended info inside

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Easy unlocker 31-12-2010 update

Samsung phones :

*Added to the server samsung s5350m

*And just a reminder . This solution dont care about firmware versions. All versions till current date are supported

Example :

Phone info:


Model: S723

IMEI: 35406704113XXXX

Version: S723EAGJJ2/S723EBOGJJ2 (new firmware version released )

UniqueNum: 72460001901944

SIM lock password: 0000

Unlock codes:


UNLOCK NETWORK LOCK: #7465625*638*75961928#

Enter codes WITHOUT simcard inside the phone.

You can check the current lock status using this code: *#7465625#

Some people are talking cant connect with phone or cant be calculated due new simlock, protection. Thats not correct. Just be sure correct drivers are installed and also try in other clean pc before give up.

Alcatel phones :

Updated server for support :

0T-806A, OT-806A

Motorola WX265

Update database with new Providers ID

Other changes :

Fixed support zone from shell. Now you can enter and download anything your rights allow it

Minor changes in zte client with comport bug reading some phones. We uploaded fixed version without change version in program

Happy New Year from EUBOX Team :)

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