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What's new ?!

1. Added an alternative bruteforce method for the 'APP LOCKED' devices. It now takes a few seconds only to finish the process.
So now you can use any pc for unlocking these no matter the cpu power it has. This will speed up the unlocking operation for the
users having stocks or several pieces.

Models where this process was improved:

  • OT-5042T / One Touch Astro Pop / Alto 4.5
  • ZTE Z820 / Obsidian
  • OT-6062W / One Touch 7 / One Touch Pop 7 LTE
  • OT-6062Z / One Touch REVVL 2 Plus
  • OT-5049W / One Touch REVVL
  • OT-5049Z / One Touch A30 Fierce
  • OT-5052W / One Touch REVVL 2
  • OT-5059Z / One Touch 1X Evolve
  • OT-5008R / Alcatel Onyx LTE US

2. Fixed an issue with saving the readout for MT6739 platform in some cases
3. Fixed an connection problem for Alcatel A466BG / A460

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