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Miracle Falcon Frp Tool 1.4 Released {1st April 2018}

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FRP TOOL Free Pack 1.4

We are Glad to Present New FRP Pack, Free for Falcon & Key Users

Free Frp Pack is Designed only for FRP Lock Multi Brand
To Make Work Easy, We Will Cover as Manny Brands and Models Possible

Frp Pack Features

Added One Click FRP Removal Support for Following MTK in Flash Mode Generic Method** no Need Model Selection it will Auto Detect

Exclusive Update News
Falcon Free Frp Pack v1.4

[+] Added Model Based Frp Removal (2 Different Methods)
[+] Oppo 1105
[+] Oppo 1107
[+] Oppo 1206
[+] Oppo 3001
[+] Oppo 3007
[+] Oppo A31C
[+] Oppo A31T
[+] Oppo A33F
[+] Oppo A37
[+] Oppo A37F
[+] Oppo F1
[+] Oppo F1Plus_R9
[+] Oppo N5110
[+] Oppo N5116
[+] Oppo N5117
[+] Oppo N5206
[+] Oppo N5207
[+] Oppo N5209
[+] Oppo R2010
[+] Oppo R2017
[+] Oppo R6007
[+] Oppo R7005
[+] Oppo R7007
[+] Oppo R7F
[+] Oppo R7G
[+] Oppo R7K
[+] Oppo R7PlusF
[+] Oppo R7PlusM
[+] Oppo R7S
[+] Oppo R8000
[+] Oppo R8001
[+] Oppo R8007
[+] Oppo R8106
[+] Oppo R8107
[+] Oppo R8201
[+] Oppo R830S
[+] Oppo R9PlusTM
[+] Oppo X9000
[+] Oppo X9007
[+] Oppo X9070
[+] Oppo X9077
[+] Oppo X9079

[+] Added Model Based Frp Removal (2 Different Methods)
[+] Xiaomi 3W Xiaomi 4W Cancro
[+] Xiaomi 4A Rolex
[+] Xiaomi 4c Libra
[+] Xiaomi 4i Ferrari
[+] Xiaomi 4S Aqua
[+] Xiaomi 5S Capricorn
[+] Xiaomi 5S Plus Natrium
[+] Xiaomi 5 Gemini
[+] Xiaomi Max 32GB Hydrogen
[+] Xiaomi Max 64 128GB Helium
[+] Xiaomi Note LTE Virgo Lite
[+] Xiaomi Note Pro Leo
[+] Xiaomi Note Virgo
[+] Xiaomi Redmi 1 HM 1TD HM1W
[+] Xiaomi Redmi 2A MI HM 2A lte26007
[+] Xiaomi Redmi 2A WT88047
[+] Xiaomi Redmi 2 CN WT86047
[+] Xiaomi Redmi 2 Prime WT88047 Pro
[+] Xiaomi Redmi 3S 3X Land
[+] Xiaomi Redmi 3 IDO
[+] Xiaomi Redmi 4x Santoni
[+] Xiaomi Redmi 4 *****
[+] Xiaomi Redmi 4 Prime
[+] Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro Kenzo
[+] Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Special Edition Kate
[+] Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Xiaomido
[+] Xiaomi Redmi Note 5A UGG Lite
[+] Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 UGG
[+] Xiaomi Redmi Note Prime 4G 2
[+] Xiaomi5X
[+] Xiaomi 6
[+] Xiaomi A1
[+] Xiaomi Y1
[+] Xiaomi Y1 Lite

[+] Added Model Based Frp Removal (2 Different Methods)
[+] Motorola Xt-1643
[+] Motorola Xt-1644
[+] Motorola Xt-1650
[+] Motorola Xt-1670
[+] Motorola Xt-1671
[+] Motorola Xt-1672
[+] Motorola Xt-1675
[+] Motorola Xt-1676
[+] Motorola Xt-1677
[+] Motorola Xt-1680
[+] Motorola Xt-1681
[+] Motorola Xt-1683
[+] Motorola Xt-1684
[+] Motorola Xt-1685
[+] Motorola Xt-1686
[+] Motorola Xt-1687
[+] Motorola Xt-1710
[+] Motorola Xt-1710-02
[+] Motorola Xt-1710-08
[+] Motorola Xt-1710-09
[+] Motorola Xt-1710-10
[+] Motorola Xt-1710-07

[+] Improved Mtk Android Flash Mode Frp Removal

Still not Have Falcon ?
Make Sure you Check our Free Packs


Frp Pack Features

We are Glad to Present New Frp Pack

Free Frp Pack is Designed only for Frp Lock Multi Brand
To Make Work Easy
We Will Cover as Manny Brands and Models Possible

Frp Pack Features

Enable Adb
Remove Frp Lock

Supported Modes (Selection Is Optional)
(Check Available Supported Mode for Each Device)
Adb Models
Fastboot Model
Edl Mode
Diag Mode
Download Mode
Factory Mode
Flash Mode



Frp Removal Model Based in

-Edl Mode
-FastBoot Mode
-Adb Mode


- Enable Adb
- Remove Frp Lock
- Most Asus Supported


- Enable Adb (Universal Method)
- Remove Frp Lock


- Remove Frp Lock
- Most Lg Devices Supported


-Edl Mode
-FastBoot Mode
-Adb Mode


- Remove Frp Lock


- Enable Adb (Universal Method)
- Remove Frp Lock

Mtk Android

- Universal Mtk Android Frp Removal in Flash Mode


- Remove Frp Lock


- Remove Frp Lock


- 4 Different Methods for Frp Removal
- (Model Based solution will be added in comming updates)

Twrp Method

- Remove Frp Lock

Universal Adb

- Remove Frp Lock

Universal Fastboot

- Remove Frp Lock


- Remove Frp Lock


- Remove Frp Lock


- Remove Frp Lock (4 Methods)


Reboot Fastboot to Edl
Reboot Fastboot to Normal
Reboot Adb to Bootloader/FastBoot
Reboot Adb to Download
Reboot Adb to Edl
Reboot Ftm to Edl
Reboot Adb to Recovery


Still Not Have Falcon ?
Check our Free Packs
More Updates to Come

Let's Discuss More & Download

[SV]'S Miracle Team

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