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HDBox--APPLE EFI 3.1--Usb Stall detection and auto-recovery

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1. Usb Stall Detection

The new and improved method for testing of testing usb connection between HDBOX and the Mac device to see if is still viable and not stalled.
This test is done just before a new code is about to be tested, and for a split second you will see on scren Checking usb message. The check takes in normal conditions about 200ms ( 0.2 seconds ) and does not increase overall time required for testing codes.
2. Auto USB Reconnect

In case the connection is stalled, or any keys sent from HDBOX to the Mac are not properly sent, HDBOX will detect it, and will fix it automatically. It is a two step process. First, HDBOX simulates an disconnect from USB and waits 2 seconds. Second, HDBOX reconnects on the USB with the mac and ONLY after everything is good again will auto-resume the code testing.
3. HOT FIX: Apple EFI 3.0 Dev Version

This release also fixes the issue where a few HDBOX received from the server the Apple EFI 3.0 developer version, and the code testing was not actually fully functional. The Apple EFI 3.0 RC is not affected by this issue.
Best regards,
HDBOX Support Team.

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