Kulankendi Ver 2.94 ! Samsung S5620, B5310, Alcatel modems S220L,X225L,X225S,X228L

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released !

- Added Samsung Broadcom Unlock Codes reading by MicroUSB RS232 cable

  • S5620
  • B5310
- Added Alcatels modems calculation by IMEI

  • S220L
  • X225L
  • X225S
  • X228L
- Samsung new compilations DB updated

  • S3370
  • S3370N
- Fixed wrong calculated codes for some Alcatels modems

- ZTE modems instruction updated(some models need to enable diag port manually)

***** ENG Unlocking Instructions *****

<b><font color="Red">>> Read Unlock Codes by MicroUSB RS232 Cable ONLY Odczyt kodów tylko przez kabel MicroUSB RS232

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