24-11-2010 : Infinity Nokia BEST Dongle Update Standalone SL1 + SL2 Unlock + more

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BEST Ver. 1.10.1 Released today

Whats New :

- USB flashing improved

  • Updated flashloaders
  • Improoved RAPUYAMA/Rap3gV4/Broadcomm flashing
  • Improoved N96 flashing
  • Improoved S60 RAPIDO flashing
  • Improoved old S40 boot/flashing
  • Improoved S40 dead mode cntent writing especialy for old models
  • Improoved AfterFlash operations
  • Added Certificate (NPC/CCC/HWC) backup in USB normal/Dead flashing
  • Some cosmetic changes and bugfixes
  • Fixed bug in S60 usb flashing (like E71)
  • Fixed bug in old S40 usb flashing (like 6085)
- UFS support added

  • All service operations are supported
  • All user data operations are supported
- RPL read added for new BB5

  • Also can be used for dead-to-test mode without need select flash-files
- User Data operations improoved

  • S60 Symbian 9.3/9.4 phonebook write activated for some special cases
  • DCT4+ gallery/SMS read improoved
- Service operations improoved

  • E-series code reading improoved
  • FunLabel improoved
  • SelfTest improoved (especialy for new phones)
  • Improoved and rebuilded connection for DCT4+/Infineon/WD2 phones
- INI file updated (adeded new model)


SL1/SL2 Unlock Added ( Rap3Gv3, Rap3Gv2 and old RAPIDO hashes now)

- Language Package Description added for S40

  • No need any ini-files or something else
  • Work for all current and upcoming s40 models
- Product Code write allow write "Word" Product codes

- Flash Settings added

  • Alow by "one select" configuring flashing options
  • Modes : Safe flash, Full Flash, PPm only, Dead-Test, Manual
- CERT operations, Low Format via USB - no need more check "Dead mode"

- AfterFlash - Product Code update added

- S40 Low Format - Added 2700c (RM-561), 7500 (RM-249)

- some bugfixes and cosmetic changes from previous version


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