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★★★★★MFC 2.5 Version is now available ! ( Update 2018-01-02)★★★★★

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MFC 2.5 is now available. We are encouraged all customers to use this version.

The full list of changes are here:

  • Add support iPhone 8 All Models(A1863/A1906/A1907/A1905)
  • Add support iPhone 8P All Models(A1864/A1898/A1899/A1897)
  • Add support iPhone X All Models(A1865/A1902/A1901)
  • Add support Apple Watch S3 All Models(A1860/A1889/A1890/A1861/A1891/A1892/A1858/A1859)
  • Add support iPAD Pro 12.9 All 3 Models(A1670/A1671/A1821)
  • Add support iPAD Pro 10.5 All 2 Models(A1701/A1709)
  • Add menu shortcut key at History(iMFC)tab by right-click
  • All added iPhone models support read iCloud passcode for Activated device (upto: iOS 11.2.1)
  • All added new models support Restore、update、diag、mesa data check、Debug Mode do button Testing etc
  • Improve usb detection bug
  • Modify all Huawei Android Mobile Hisilicon based Account unlock Free
  • Modify all Huawei Android Mobile Hisilicon based Fastboot check /unlock free
  • Modify all Huawei Android Mobile Hisilicon based Root Check /unlock free
  • Modify all Huawei Android Mobile Hisilicon based Advanced AUTHORIZE Free
  • Server side update to support new client v2.5

Upgrading to new Versions:

  • The downloaded version of the software is available now from support page with valid membership.

For More check at :

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