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Infinity-Box BEST NK2 v1.00 - Nokia HMD edition

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Infinity-Box BEST NK2 v1.00 - Nokia HMD edition

ATTENTION: To use this software you should copy licence file license_xxxxxxxx.dat from /BEST/ folder to /BEST2/ folder

Nokia 5 Line:
D1E (TA-1024) WW
D1L (TA-1027) WW
D1L (TA-1044) WW
D1A (TA-1053) WW

Nokia 6 Line:
D1C (TA-1000) CN
D1C (TA-1003) CN
D1C (TA-1021) WW
D1C (TA-1025) WW
D1C (TA-1033) WW
D1C (TA-1039) WW

Supported features:

Identify ( Device Info / Version / Revision / SKU / Branding )
Format FS / Reset Settings
Reset FRP ( Google Reset Protection )

Backup Device Security ( Include OTA details, Unique Device Details, QCN calibrations )
Restore Device Security
Repair Device Security
Repair Connectivity Items ( BT/WiFi )
Repair PSN
Repair Unknown BaseBand ( Security-Safe )

Write Firmware ( Infinity Format )
Read Firmware ( Infinity Format )
- Firmware, made by BEST NOT DAMAGE any device security!
- Firmware, made by BEST NOT DAMAGE any OTA compatibility!

Memory Tool ( Customization/Recovery/PartialFlashing )

- Use Nokia Care Emergency drivers ( same as for Lumia/NXP )
- Use EDL cable to force Flash mode
- Security Repair feature also allow repair IMEI. Device IMEI manipulation is STRICTLY PROHIBITED BY LAW !
Use Security Repair feature only if you local laws allow to do that and ONLY FOR ORIGINAL DEVICE IMEI REPAIR purposes !
Security Repair feature is DISABLED by default !

Discussion and download link - http://forum.gsmhosting.com/vbb/f641...ition-2256573/

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