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LOCK13 CLIP Tool free for RCD or RCD PRO users !

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<div>LOCK13 Tool for Martech Clip

Martech Team presents new application to repair Ford radios with Locked10/13.

It's FREE for ALL RCD or RCD PRO USERS - one condition is you must have CLIP.

The first version supports the following models:

- Ford 3000

- Ford 4000

(Radios are based on MC68HC05L28)

Main application features:

- Reset counter and repair bad entries (lock3, lock10, lock13)

- Built-in calculator for M Series

The transmission path consists of only two lines, this simplify the system connection to a minimum.

The procedure for deleting Locked 10/13:

- Install applications on your Clip device

- Select Code Calculator, and generate the proper code for the radio (the serial number is located on the side of the label, such as M123456)

WARNING! Double-check your serial number and count the correct code to the radio.

Entering the wrong code will block the radio constantly.

- Connect the Clip to the radio as it's described in the program (two data lines and ground)

- Connect the power supply to the radio (remember about two GND and two +12V signals), turn on the radio

- Choose a model and function LOCK13 Remover, press OK to start the process

- After a moment on the radio display you see the "CODE" and you will be able to enter a code

- Properly written code will restore the functionality of the radio again

Download it:

Connection diagram:

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Warning about CLIP connection:

- pins are counted from right to left side (taking in mind keyboard top, for example GND signal

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