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21st Oct. 2010---MasterBox SPD 5.7.6 Released

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This software works with CPU: SPD (Spreadtrum) mobiles flash scanning, reading out, writing in, unlocking, formatting, and changing IMEI etc. More...

Updated Version: 5.7.6

The new update of SPD 5.7.5, which has modified errors in version 5.7.5, and has added and editted some mobile data in database, which can support most types of SPD mobiles, especially with CPU 6600L or similar CPUs (e.g. CPU with: 6600L, 6600L/WT6226A, 6600D, 6600M3E, 6600M3E-265G, 6600D-180, 6600D, 6600R1-275, SC6600D5, 6600H, 6600R, 6600RT-224G, W6226SPD etc.) The new version already has added Three main help tools: the 1st is for enter into the download area; the 2nd is for entering into the forum of MasterBox; the 3rd is for entering into the tools document for updating firmware of MasterBox; and the last one is "log report": you can report the erros you meet by the tool, and we will solve on time. More Introduction...

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