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How to use Gold store to renew your support for 1 more year and get extra activations

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Hello !

Order your AMAZING AMKA iPhone, iPad leather case or plastic case

it's now time for the AMKA special offer, it was announced at the opening of the shop and here it is: CODE PROMOTION TO USE: 330573452 (in the shopping cart, enter the code and click outside the text field to activate code). This code gives you 20% discount on the total amount of items you add to your shopping cart!

Hurry up and use, it is unclear how long he will be active!

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We are pleased to present a new project !

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Over 100 models of case and leather case available for iPhone3, iPhone4 & iPad !!!

Each of AMKAPHONE design are made by famous french designer, limited series only. We are using very high quality materials. Checking very carefully the quality of our products. AMKAPHONE offering luxury iPhone and iPad cases and leather cases.


iPad and iPhone 4 leather case will be launched end of october. Also a new model iPhone 4 plastic case is coming end of october. With many other goodies.


Leather Case for iPhone Premium 3G/3GS, iPhone 4 and iPad. Inside soft, non abrasive protect the valuable when using the tongue and extraction can exit easily and quickly the iPhone. Side finish: Amka embossed logo on the left edge and Seams complement the sleek design. Each case comes with a soft cloth to clean the screen and those in the utility, a transparent plastic film protection is also offered. Finally the structure strengthened by the inset shows an effective rigidity against shock and a perfect fit in the cover of the iPhone.

The purpose would not be complete without its packaging and its matching velvet interior to protect the cover during transport.


Semi-rigid plastic shell for iPhone 3G/3GS, iPhone 4 and iPad brilliant. The flexible material provides greater strength to the case. It also allows for easy installation on the phone. Also you can withdraw at will to change the shell or adding a cover without risking breaking the shell. Finally, a packaging together with a velvet interior is provided with every order.

Take a look on the AMKAPHONE Blog, see latest pictures, video and more coming directly from the AMKA FACTORY !

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Best price for resellers, Success Garanted !! Contact me for best deals !

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Best regards,


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