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GSM international news

17th OCT. 2010---MasterBox Software SPD 5.7.5 released

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This software works with CPU: SPD (Spreadtrum) mobiles flash scanning, reading out, writing in, unlocking, formatting, and changing IMEI etc.


The software can support mobiles with the SPD CPU: 6600L, 6600D, 6600M3E, 6600M3E-265G, 6600D-180, 6600D, 6600R1-275, SC6600D5, 6600H, 6600R etc.

The new update of SPD 5.7.4, which has modified unknown codes, and also corrected some erros, which coming out by scanning SPD mobiles, of the last version. The new version already has added two main help tools: one for enter into the download area, and another is "log report": you can report the erros you meet by the tool, and we will solve on time. More Introduction...

Posted Image

1. Support area

Posted Image

Clicking the button above will enter into the support area. This is the only way to gain the new update of MasterBox software and flash files supported. You can download all support software and flash files there including the newest one.

Attention: If you are using the dongle to enter into the support area at first time, you will leave some information of yours. It is not necessary, but if you meet some problems of using the box in the future, we may give you some ideas by the information you left (e.g. we will give emails to you.). According to the private protect policy, we never give your information to the others.

Posted Image

2. Forum

Posted Image

Clicking the button above will enter into the forum of MasterBox. You can check and view more information and news about MasterBox, and also you can register an account for giving questions.

3~4. (Building now)

5. Log reporting

Posted Image

Clicking the button above will enter into the log reporting form. You can leave the messages, send pictures and upload .rar or .zip files. When you meet some problem of using the MasterBox, you can leave the information by this way....

Posted Image

How to upload pictures

Posted Image

Posted Image

Please adjust the picture as the fit size (Not so big or small) when you finish to upload.

How to upload .rar/.zip files

Posted Image

The step is same as uploading pictures.

Posted Image

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