Alguém tem experiência em mudar idioma que possa me ajudar?

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Quero mudar o idioma de um Motorola wx180, mas dá este erro: Editor version: [2.01 bugfix] I Detected crypted Chinese Miracle file... Crypted fullflash loaded Loading file... OK ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MTK Rom Info Version: 05 ROM version: JRD23_NEP_08A_PCB01_GSM_MT6223_S00.MAUI_08A_W08_36 _SP1_V28_F1.BIN MCU version: MAUI.08A.W08.36.SP1.V28.F1 Build time: 2009/11/06 15:52 Hardware: JRD23_NEP_08A_HW ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Searching first signature... Detecting language pack names and codes... Memory addressation not found, please send this firmware to support for analyse! Language pack names and codes detected! Language table found Error with analysing firmware found, maybe CPU type not recognised, try select CPU type manually Alguém pode me ajudar?

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