Martech RCD PRO PC - Technisat and Kenwood continuation..

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Martech RCDPRO PC - Technisat and Kenwood continuation..

Supported functions:

Reading radio code (Making new code in case of not found code)

Showing and resetting counter of tries


Skoda Beat by Technisat, SKZAZ3, 5J0 035 152 [24c16]

Skoda Dance by Technisat, SKZAZ4, 5J0 035 161A [24c16]

Skoda Melody by Technisat, SKZAZ2, 1Z0 035 152C [24c16]

VW RCD 210 Caddy by Technisat, VWZAZ1, 1K0 035 156 [24c16]

VW RCD 210 by Technisat, VWZAZ1, 5M0 035 156 [24c16]

VW ULVWCD by Technisat, VWZAZ1, 1K0 035 156 [24c16]

VW ULVWNFZ20 by Technisat, VWZAZ1, 2K0 035 156 [24c16]

VW ULVWMP3 by Technisat, VWZAZ1, 5M0 035 156B [24c16]

VW ULVWMP3 by Technisat, VWZAZ1, 5M0 035 156 [24c16]

VW ULVWMP3 by Technisat, VWZAZ1, 1K0 035 156A [24c16]

VW Gamma V by Technisat, VWZAZ3, 1J0 035 186D [24c08]

New models for Kenwoods :

Kenwood DNX-7200 [24c08]

Kenwood KVT-719DVD [24c08]

How to update? Simply run your latest rcdpro.exe on PC or download

from Support Area on our forum.

MARTECH Products

GSM Sections:

MDM (Modem tools) Supported Models

QUL (Lg tools) Supported Models

VSZ (Sagem,ZTE,Huawei,Vodafon tools) Supported Models

ALC (Alcatel Tools) Supported Models

SIEM (Siemens BENQ service)

CAR Setions:

RCD PRO (decoding RCD310,RCD510 itd... sevice) Supported Models

RCD (Radio car decoding, over 1300 models supported) Supported Models

DST (Car dashes) Supported Models

SQM (Scooter, Quads and motors dashes) Supported Models

Laptops and batteries Section:

SBS (Bios & HDD password, battery repairs) Supported Models

Service Manager

MSM (Martech Service Manager) :: View topic - MSM Service Manager - updates here

Service Hardware:

Analyzer (Battery Analyzer, charger, tester, supplier) Analyzer

CLIP (dedicated for standalone applications) CLIP


Key (the cheapest usb dongle on the market) Key

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