.: Ultimate Unlockers - NEW VERSION 3.09 - A2 CID53 instant Full Unlock supported :.

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Hello all!

We have just released new version of very popular Ultimate Unlockers v3.09 (D-Ultimate Unlocker & Cruiser Suite Ultimate Unlocker). However, because we don't have locked A2 CID53 phone, it is an Experimental Version for start. We expect it will work correctly though.

Here is more info :

Experimental version 3.09 [090702]

  • Added support for full instant unlock of all phones based on DB3200 chipset with CID 53
  • Updated GUI languages
  • Updated loaders
  • Updated USB Flash driver (ver.
  • Consumption of Supreme Credits is the same as for S1 platform based phones (0.4 or 0.28 supreme credits for owners of Cruiser Dongle, depending on qty ordered)

Rapidshare download links:

Ultimate Unlockers typical features:

  • Short unlock time - typically 2 unlocks per minute
  • Instant unlock - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • No modem drivers installation required anymore

Addidtional features:

  • CID change (downgrade/upgrade)
  • supports USB DCU-60 and original Fighter/UC10/UC20 boxes + many their clones



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