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02.07.2010 LG2G Rocker v1.44 released

Whats new: - Added Samsung E1151 unlock codes reader - World First

- Added correct key sentence for Infineon based Samsung phones

- Fixed booting for few Voice3 based LG phones (GSxx)

- Added support for new flash chips

Samsung E1151 requires E210 RJ45 cable (serial). Phone must be powered off.

Here is sample log from our beta testers from Spain: (Hola Amigos :D )


Version : V 1.44



Totally supported models : 230

Loaded 117 models.

Loaded 2 models.

Version : V 1.44

7/2/2010 : 10:55:52 AM

Please wait ...

Phone : E1151

Press PowerON button.

Phone not detected.

Boot Loading Error

Version : V 1.44

7/2/2010 : 10:56:29 AM

Please wait ...

Phone : E1151

Press PowerON button.

ID : A20000

Detected : PMB7900 EgoldVoiceV3_64.

Phone Found. Loading Boot...

Loading pre loader ...

Loading main loader ...

Boot type 0xBB

EBL version: XMM1100_RAM_Bootloader 10..0

Baudrate : 921600

Flash: Silicon7 8Mb

EEPROM Imei : 359659030111xxxx

Please wait for calc codes.

Done in 12:01:27 AM sec.

For unlock phone enter :

PCK(security): #0141*00000000#

NCK(provider): #0111*42620594#

SCK(subnet): #0121*00000000#

SPCK(subprovider): #0133*00000000#

MCK(unfreeze): #0199*94162841#

Please download and install "LG2G_Rocker_v1.44_14.exe" if You are Rocker Dongle user, or "LG2G_Rocker_v1.44_15.exe" if You are LG Power Dongle user.

Enjoy using Rocker Dongle !

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