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LG_Sgold3_Tool_2.2.7.1 Update

+ Added GS290GO Full Supprt User/SP Code Unlocking / Flashing /Repair.

+ Added additional codes reading for GS290/GS290GO ( NSCK etc ) for testing * .

+ Removed news file loading at startup for more fast software loading.

* For reading addirional codes click [unlock] button with [Read Codes] option selected

log sample here:

PMB8877 Module 1.2 started. SW: Ver

Connecting to GS290GO in UART Mode (COM58 ,921600)

Please reconnect battery, press and hold power button...

Phone found! (MCU:PMB8877) prebooting...

Release power button. Booting...

Reading info...

BOOT Stage Finished , sending authority...

Sending SEC pack...

Reading EEPROM...

Backup Saved AS:C:\Program Files\Z3X\LG\LGI_SG2271\BACKUP\GS290GO_autobackup_ 27062010_182837.eep

Analising EEPROM...

Phone IMEI:35zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Unlock codes:

NCK[0]: 4608514880729376 (LOCKED)

Finished in 2 seconds

Reading EEPROM

Sending SEC pack...

Analising EEPROM...

Phone IMEI:35zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

For operation finishing,do next :

1. power phone ON with original SIM

2. type 2945#*XXX# ,where XXX are model digits to enter unlock menu

3. Enter one of this code(s):

NCK[0]: 4608514880729376 (LOCKED)

NCK[1]: 6063018240247252 (NS)

NCK[2]: 0230411519432214 (SP)

NCK[3]: 6747370190092018 (CP)

Finished in 2 seconds

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