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M32c CPU supported in Martech RCD PRO [RCD500 by Panasonic]

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Martech RCD PRO update for car stereos based on m32c cpu:

- RCD 500 by Panasonic [fast 3 seconds code reading directly from radio cpu]

- All versions of sw/hw supported

Martech CLIP together with RCD PRO is only one device on the market, which can decode:

- RCD 310 / 510, Skoda Bolero

- RNS-510 (TV-Free), Continental, Columbus

- RCD 500 by Panasonic

- Latest Kenwoods

Next models are coming soon :)


Aktualizacja programu RCD PRO dla radii opartych na procesorze m32c:

- RCD 500 by Panasonic [szybki 3-sekundowy odczyt kodu bezposrednio z procesora radia]

- wszystkie wersje sw/hw w obsłudze

Martech CLIP w połączeniu z RCD PRO to jedyny produkt na rynku, który umożliwia odblokowanie:

- RCD 310 / 510, Skoda Bolero

- RNS-510 (TV-Free), Continental, Columbus

- RCD 500 by Panasonic

- Najnowsze radia Kenwood

Następne modele w kolejnych aktualizacjach :)

Martech Team

MARTECH Team - Official WebSite

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MARTECH Products

GSM Sections:

MDM (Modem tools) Supported Models

QUL (Lg tools) Supported Models

VSZ (Sagem,ZTE,Huawei,Vodafon tools) Supported Models

ALC (Alcatel Tools) Supported Models

SIEM (Siemens BENQ service)

CAR Setions:

RCD PRO (decoding RCD310,RCD510 itd... sevice) Supported Models

RCD (Radio car decoding, over 1300 models supported) Supported Models

DST (Car dashes) Supported Models

SQM (Scooter, Quads and motors dashes) Supported Models

Laptops and batteries Section:

SBS (Bios & HDD password, battery repairs) Supported Models

Service Hardware:

Analyzer (Battery Analyzer, charger, tester, supplier) Analyzer

CLIP (dedicated for standalone applications) CLIP


Key (the cheapest usb dongle on the market) Key

Resellers list:


Want to join and support Martech Team on whole world ? We can give very good conditions and profits, contact:

RCD PRO might be activated and run only on Martech Clip.

More new models is coming soon !

Be ready! For next updates

Martech Team

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