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ATF 5.20 Update!! ININEON, DCT4+ RSA, Real SX4, etc 28 MAY 2010!!

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Fully Support FULL Flashing, DEAD PHONE Flashing and CROSS Flashing DCT4 Infineon Chipsets Supports ALL DCT4 Infineon Phones in the Market !!! (Original Nokia Phones Only)

Current DCT4 Infineon Phones:

  • 1202 (RH-111) XGOLD 101/102
  • 1203 (RH-111) XGOLD 101/102
  • 1280 (RM-647) XGOLD 110
  • 1616-2 (RH-125) XGOLD 110
  • 1800 (RM-653) XGOLD 110
Partial Flashing (PPM and CNT only) is fully Supported.

Upgrade/Downgrade Firmware is not a problem.

Unique Fast Phone Booting Method (No need to press Power Button).

Compatible with regular FBUS Cables:

- 1616-2, 1280 and 1800 will work with regular 1616 FBUS cable

- 1202 and 1203 will work with regular FBUS cable or Easy Cable with RED WIRE

Infineon "CROSS-FLASHING" on same CPU Platform:

1202 can be Cross-Flashed with 1203 and vice versa

1616-2 can be Cross-Flashed with 1800 and vice versa

1616-2 and 1800 can EVEN be flashed with 1280 firmware, but only for testing

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DEAD PHONE Flashing is also FULLY supported (Software Problems Only)

Full Factory Reset for ALL DCT4 Infineon Chipsets

[bB5 Turbo Engine]

  • Multi SX4 Card Servers are now available (Original SX4 Cards)
  • Read and Write Camera Configuration is now Activated
  • Customized PM Read/Write is now Added (For reading specific sub fields)
  • Flash Mode Booting was adjusted to be more compatible with the 6700c
  • BB5 SL1 and SL2 Downgrade is now Activated
  • BB5 Self Test is now Activated
New Products Added in Nokia.ini

  • C1-00 RM-689
  • C3-00 RM-614
  • C5-00 RM-645
  • C6-00 RM-612
  • C6-01.1 RM-624
  • E5-00 RM-632
  • N8-00 RM-596
  • X2-00 RM-618
  • X3-01 RM-687
  • X3-01 RM-639
  • X6-00.1 RM-551
  • X6-00m RM-552
[DCT4+ Engine]

Stand Alone ASIC-11 RSA Forgery Unlocking and Relocking is now supported

Phone Model Support List:

Supported NOKIA models:

1110i, 1112b, 1200, 1202, 1208, 1208b, 1209, 1600b,

1661, 1662, 1650, 1680 Classic, 1680 Classic-2b, 2220

Slide, 2310, 2320 Classic, 2320 Classic-2b, 2323 CLassic,

2330 Classic, 2600, 2600a, 2610, 2610b, 2626, 2630, 2630b,

2660, 2660b, 2680 Slide, 2720 Fold, 2760, 2760b, 2760h, 5000,

5030 XM, 6030b,6060V,6060V, 7070 Prism, 7100 Supernova

DCT4 Self Test is now Activtated

[iTablet Engine]

  • Bug fixed for "Flash File Not Found" error in N900 USB Flashing
Changing Skin now is ENABLE!

Installation Path now set to Root directory (To avoid Windows 7 conflict).

ATF [Advance Turbo Flasher] official thread for UPDATES:


ATF [Advance Turbo Flasher] version 5.20 Update - Public discussion thread:


ATF [Advance Turbo Flasher] official web sites:

International - http://www.advance-box.com/

ATF [Advance Turbo Flasher] official support forums:

World Wide: Advance Turbo Flasher - GSM-Forum

Indonesia: ATF (Advance Turbo Flasher))

Philippine: Gsmph

Syria: Arabic Support (Syria) GsmVIP

Chinese support forum : ATF Box

Vietnam: Saigonmobile

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