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Dear friends,

we have just released Cruiser Suite A2 Flasher v1.11 with enabled support for CID53 phones. CruiserSuite SE A2 Flasher v1.11 [090610]

  • Enabled support for CID53 phones
  • Updated Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, Indonesian, Polish, Swedish and Vietnamese translations
  • Loaders updated

Older updates info:

Version 1.09 [090128]

  • Added support for new DB3200 platform
  • Added an option to disable flash chip error checking (ECC mode 0).

    It is intended to force flashing phones with obviously faulty flash chips.

    Remember to always use a fully charged battery to avoid as many flash failures as possible.

    Prefer using a fully charged battery to using ECC mode 0 with a weak battery

  • Loaders updated
  • GUI updated

Version 1.07 [081205]

  • Added support for the latest USB Flash Driver version (
  • Flashing speed improved
  • Enabled support for old Cruiser -06 dongles
  • Enabled support for decompressing customization ZIP files to phone FS

Version 1.06 [081007]

  • Loaders upgraded to version R2A065
  • Added support for DB3210 C905 and G705 phones
  • DB3150 phone list updated


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