31.05.2012, SagemEG_V20.2, rebuild Security aread added

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31.05.2012, SagemEG_V20.2, rebuild Security aread added!

What`s new?

Two new functions added!

- Create BKP

- Write RPL

Both functions are added for testing new (world first

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) solution for unlocking and repairing ULC2 phones listed bellow.

-A35, A36, A36+, A61, A62, A65, A68, A68+, A301, A302, A302+, A306, A306+, A316, A316+, A316G+, S305, S305+, S308, S309, S312, S315, S315+, S317, S318, S319, TMN1010, TMN2000, SFR11, SFR112, Z100, VF125, VF125FM, VF136, VF225, VF225FM, VF227, VF236.

Do you have phone with damaged IMEI or corrupted Security area?

Do you want to repair/change IMEI or rebuild fully erased Security area?

Now you can, no matter how and with what tool it happened!

Both functions are standalone.

Just for fun!!

We can relock phones to another operator (one or few).

Now with new solution is possible to repair damaged itself phones or phones damaged during unlocking with another tool!

It`s real Security area rebuild without any flash patching!

More details and discussions here:


SagDD support continues!

Good luck!

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SagDD Team

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