ATF v8.70 Update!! 25 APR 2012!!

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Flashing Updates:

--> Lumia 900 RM-808 and RM-823 Now Fully Supported and Tested

--> Blocked Cross Flashing a X3-02.5 (RM-775) with a X3-02 (RM-639) Flash File

--> Blocked Cross Flashing a C3-01.5 (RM-776) with a C3-01 (RM-640) Flash File

--> Dual CPU (CMT + APE) New Protocol FBUS Flashing Re-Activated (N95, E90)

--> Dual CPU (CMT + APE) Phone Authorize via The ATF Network Re-Activated

--> Dual CPU (CMT + APE) ADL USB Flashing Re-Activated (N95-8GB, N95, N73, E90)

--> Dual CPU (CMT + APE) First In The World ADL USB Recovery Flashing (N95-8GB, N95, E90)

Other Updates:

--> Improved Drive Detection for ALL SYMBIAN APE Phones...

--> FORMAT FILE SYSTEM Now Supports S40 FILE2 Drives (5130c, X2-01, etc..)

--> REMOVE SD Card Password via S40 Phone FILE2 Format of Drive E:

DCT4 Update:

--> DCT4 ASIC 2-5-6-7 SP Data Rebuild for DIRECT UNLOCK and REPAIR

Other Updates:

--> New Products Added to Nokia.ini

Bugs Killed in this Update:

--> Fixed SUB SCAN PHONE = PC Restart Bug on some AMD and Intel Core2 Computers


--> Fixed Battery Value 0 Error When Flashing via USB

--> Fixed USB Booting Problem Delay on FUR

--> Fixed FBUS Buscheck Timeout Delays (Faster Buschecks Now)

--> Fixed Bug on Unsupported "NORMALIZE SUSD" Flash Files

--> Fixed RAP3Gv3 FBUS Flashing Bug "Please Check RX2 Blah Blah..."

--> Adjusted Infineon USB Flashing to exit properly during a Flash Error

Special Thanks Goes To:


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