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GSM international news

Cyclone Box Free and Standalone XGold213 Unlocking Released

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Hi, new update for Cyclone Box is released.

Added hash reading for LBF for XGold213 based phones. Operation is free, quick and standalone.

And now best, you don't need to know phone CPU platform. Just select USB connection, go to BB5 tab, click good old "Read LBF Data" button, and Cyclone will AUTOMATICALLY detect if this is xgold213, or Texas Instruments based product.

Supported models:

Asha 200 RM-761

Asha 200 RM-762

C1-01 RM-607

C1-01 RM-608

C1-02 RM-643

C1-02 RM-644

C2-00 RM-704

C2-02 RM-692

C2-02 RM-693

C2-05 RM-724

C2-05 RM-725

C2-03 RM-702

C2-06 RM-702

C2-07 RM-692

C2-08 RM-702

X2-02 RM-694

X2-05 RM-772

Operation log:


Reading SL3 LOG File...

[Nokia C1-01 USB Phonet]: Port opened OK!

MCU Version V 06.07

MCU Date 13-10-11

Product RM-607 (Nokia C1-01)

Manufacturer © Nokia

IMEI 359763042577981

Mastercode 266565212

XGold213 Detected

Analyzing Profile Bits...

Phone can be NCK unlocked using KEYPAD

Phone can be NCK unlocked using FBUS

15 Digits NCK Found

Booting X-Gold via USB...

If PC Can't detect any new device, probably your phone is erased. Do following if needed:

1. Eject battery

2. Eject cable

3. Insert cable

4. Insert battery

5. Press power-on

[Nokia C1-01 USB Phonet]: Port opened OK!

Switching to RAW Mode...

[Nokia USB Flashing Generic]: Port opened OK!

X-Gold: Ready, MCU ID Block: 1FB300020303010100FF

[PBL] : Ready

[EBL] : Mode CC

[EBL] : Quantum_Bootloader_2.5_M1S1

[EBL] : Ready

Setting Baudrate to 6500000bps...

Baudrate Accepted (6500000bps)

Flash Chip 0x00898982, Intel, Size: 64MBytes


Release Notes

1. You should have installed latest installer from (this one released at October 2011, most users don't need thus)

2. Autoupdate will work, if not, download new exe manually from

3. If you encountering Autoupdate problems, check firewall.

4. After updating, make sure on bottom-right statusbar you have "No updates avaiable". This updates also downloading XMM2130 loaders from server, so make sure before you start LBF'ing XGold213, you get "No updates avaiable" - this will ensure your 100% success reading LBF data.

5. New firmware v01.88 is required. Update box using Box Maintenance. Please be patient during upgrade progress and don't disconnect your box. We have increased update tries credit numbers from 3 to 5, because of some users problems with update process.

Join us on facebook: Cyclone Box | Facebook

Best Regards,

Cyclone Team

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