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..:: OMAP 2430 Tool for Omnia Repair Tool ::..

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OMAP 2430 PLATFORM Added !

JTAG Operation Features :

• Read Boot

• Write Boot

• Erase Boot

Model List :

• Samsung SGH-i560v

• Samsung SGH-i560

Samsung SGH-i550w

Samsung SGH-i550

• Samsung SGH-i520v

• Samsung SGH-i520

• Samsung SGH-i400

• Samsung SGH-G810

Samsung GT-i8510 INNOV8

• Samsung GT-i7110

• Asus-Lamborghini ZX1 - Beta TEST

• Asus M536 - Beta TEST

Usage :

• Connect to OMAP JTAG Connection

• Power on phone ( even though it does not power on )

• Start Software

• Select good dump

( if it does not exist in support area – you should read from a good phone )

• Write to Damaged Phone

After all the procedures completed OMAP 2430 part should be repaired

And just make sure to flash with original firmware after all to complete repair procedures.

Special Gift :

One option is applicable only accordingly to user decision !

• Users who send me good dumps for the listed models above they will receive free JIGS set 4 in 1

1. JIG for I900

2. JIG for I8510

3. JIG for I550

4. JIG for XXXXX ( future model under development )

• 25 USD Paypal Payment !

Note :

• I8510 PDA PART is OMAP 2430 and it is “FULL” Supported

• I8510 Phone PART issues is under development and waiting for Good News very Soon

• Colored Dumps are available in support area

Personal Note :

• if you have difficulties of using or problem please contact to support through webpage or via e-mail !

• I apologize for the regarding I8510 Phone part problems we are working on it very seriously !



Best Regards

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OMAP243XTool.exe V1.02 is Released

Changes :

OMAP 2431 Devices Supported NOW !

• Asus P560

• Asus M930

• Palm Treo 800w

• Samsung SGH-i450

Above models based on OMAP 2431 and you can read and write boot through JTAG connection

You can also repair dead phones using this features

JTAG Operation Features :

• Read Boot

• Write Boot

• Erase Boot

Support Area Changes:

• I550 JTAG Pin outs Added

• G810 JTAG Pin outs Added - Special Thx to Multi-Com

MORE Updates are on the way !!

Best Regards

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