28-10-2009 New Cyclonebox firmware Released

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New Cyclonebox Nokia firmware was uploaded to our server.

Signature: Cyclone Nokia Application v1.09, (Oct 28 2009 15:56:27, gcc-4.2.2, RTOS v5.2.0), Type: Signed Production Application, Flags: NoFlags

Upgrade your box as usual using Box Maintenance functions.

To enter box bootloader mode which allows firmware rewriting, re-plug it from USB socket.

Fixed problem when box failed to start sometimes after upgrade (Box is not in needed mode), and other little fixes too.

To all users who had non-starting box since last upgrade (especially HW A110/A111 owners), please upgrade it with current firmware and post results.

Each box have now 2 SecurityArea upgrade credits, and 3 MainFirmware upgrade credits. Should be enough in case of problems. For more contact me, Cyclonebox or Honey.

Best Regards,

Cyclone Team

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