Meet Pegasus 1.0.1!

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Pegasus Box v.1.0.1 is out! We have added unlock code reading and direct unlock for 35 models!

Pegasus Box v.1.0.1 Release Notes:

Added safe unlock code reading and direct unlock by original cable for the following models:

  • A697
  • B3410W
  • C3510T
  • I6220
  • I6320
  • M3710
  • M3710L
  • S3650
  • S3650C
  • S3650L
  • S3650W
  • S3653
  • S3653W
  • S3850
  • S5250
  • S5253
  • S5260
  • S5263
  • S5330
  • S5330L
  • S5333
  • S5750E
  • S5753E
  • S7070
  • S7070C
  • S7230E
  • S7233E
  • S8500
  • S8500B
  • S8500L
  • S8500M
  • S8500T
  • S8530
  • S8530B
  • S8530L
To work with the mentioned above models perform the following steps:

  • Connect powered on phone to original USB cable.
  • Select "PC Suite"/"Samsung Kies" mode.
  • Install required drivers.
  • Select modem port in software.
  • Click "Connect" button in software.
  • Enter codes manually or use direct unlock button.
  • Click "Disconnect" button.
The total number of supported models as at 04.05.2011 is 709.

New video guides uploaded:


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