BEST v1.17 Ready Support RAPU and RAP4 hashes

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Whats New In BEST 1.17.1

Usb flashing improved

- N96 loaders back to 10.50

User Data operations improved

- Added 6500c, RM-265 for "low Format"

*Added JAf support

-Read Keys (For Next use for USB repair/unlock)

Support RAP3,RAPIDO,RAPU,RAP4 hashes

Rapu Yama phones:

  • E52-1 (RM-469)
  • E72-1 (RM-530)
  • E72-2 (RM-529)
  • E73 (RM-658)
  • 6700c-1, 6700c (RM-470)
  • 6700s (RM-576)
  • 6710s navigator (RM-491)
  • 6720c (RM-424)
  • 6730c-1 (RM-547)
Supported ROOT_KEY_HASH ( RAP ):

  • 25B977A055BE9B5DEC0C38A2A279C695

Rap3V4 phones:

  • X3-00 (RM-540)
  • 6303ci (RM-638)
  • 7230 (RM-604)
  • 3710a-1 (RM-509)
Supported ROOT_KEY_HASH ( RAP ):

  • 7B045400E1752022F9EB80B0DEA9C65D
> -Read Keys (For Next use for USB repairSD/unlock/SX4)

> Support RAP3,RAPIDO,RAPU,RAP4 hashes

- Some bugfixes

Total Support SL3 HASH

  • 9DDBFCFE6E73CED7D8C6268C8EB85723
  • BAF3A9C3DBFA8454937DB77F2B8852B1
  • CAEEBB65D3C48E6DC73B49DC5063A2EE
  • 7B045400E1752022F9EB80B0DEA9C65D
  • 25B977A055BE9B5DEC0C38A2A279C695

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