CdmaPro Multi unlocker v1.0.0.10 Released

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Multi unlocker v1.0.0.10 Released

  • Added MICROMAX C111 AUG 13 2010 version unlock support. world first again
  • Added C2809 B105 B106 version boot mode unlocking.. World first.
  • Added C2808 B110 B113 version boot mode unlocking.. World first.
  • Improved huawei handling for new models..

ZTE Unlocker v1.0.0.07 Released.

  • Added C201 To C204 unlock support and auto ruim conversion. (to limited firmware which support ruim function..)
  • Added C231 C261 Unlock support and auto ruim converstion.
  • Added SPC1 calculation BASED ON ESN button must tick on SP checkbox. world first
  • Added ALL LEVEL SP CALCULATION BASED ON ESN to public. tick on SP checkbox. world first

Power on user hand now, user can calculate sp and spc based on esn for zte phones and do there work without any limitation.

Download only exe from support area folder \UPDATE ONLY EXE\.

Must have V7 setup installed.

More come soon expect unexpected....


CDMA-Pro Team

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Union of the best and strongest.

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