Martech I2C Tools V1.0 - Portable CLIP Application

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Martech I2C Tools V1.0 - Portable CLIP Application


- Read / write, direct or in the layout

- Verify

Martech Clip supports memory manufacturers such as Atmel, Catalyst, Exel, Holtek, Hyundai, Hynix, Ict, Issie, Microchip, Xicor, ST, Samsung, etc..

Supported memory types:

- i2c 24C00

- i2c 24C01

- i2c 24C02

- i2c 24C04

- i2c 24C08

- i2c 24C16

- i2c 24C32

- i2c 24C64

- i2c 24C128

- i2c 24C256

- i2c 24C512

- i2c 24C1024 (24M01)

The application is free for all Clip owners.

Connection method:

- exact description is build in the program, in "HELP" function

- app requires only the direct connections without any additional elements


Martech Team


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